Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real talk

We’ve finally reached the stage of real talk with River and it adds another aspect of joy to our interactions. I’m guessing at 33 months, we’re on the late end. But he’s a boy, and he’s bilingual, so I’m OK with that.

Yesterday he came down the stairs and said, with evident struggling and thought, “Yo puse crema,” (I put on lotion). He used the first person “Yo” instead of the usual third-person River or no pronoun at all. He correctly conjugated the verb in the first person past tense. And his object was correct. The only thing that would have improved it would have been to make it reflexive – yo ME puse.

When I leave he now asks me where I’m going and we discuss where I’ll be when I’m gone and what we’ll do when I come back. If we miss that discussion, he’ll ask me where I’ve been when I get back. He accepts my answers with equanimity. Like a real person, just taking in the facts and the machinations of the world – a world he is now a part of.

He’s more of a conversationalist now, more of a buddy. And it’s fun.

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