Sunday, October 3, 2010


It’s been a rough week or two. Difficulty sleeping, leg cramps, fatigue, feeling large and clumsy. When I treated myself to a foot massage yesterday, the masseuse pointed out the swelling in my legs. I had recently noticed my face looking puffy. Today when I went to the gym, I peed five times in two hours. That’s an average of once every 24 minutes.

I expected this stuff to come, just not so early. But there is not much I can do about it, besides trying to get sleep and exercise, letting myself take it easy, and taking advantage of whatever makes me feel good (reading, exercise, sleep, massages, yoga, buying clothes that fit, time spent in nice weather outdoors or with people who make me smile, good food).

So I’m thankful for this weekend, in which I was able to visit an apple farm, get a massage, watch some programs, read, shop for clothing, take leisurely strolls and get breaks from childcare. If I could set an ideal schedule now, I would work half days, followed by a nap, a walk on the treadmill at the gym, quality time with family and a good book. I have virtually no ambition to accomplish things beyond nesting-type projects. This too will pass. In the meantime, I can only make the best of the situation and take advantages of the pleasures that are offered when they are available.

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