Saturday, October 23, 2010

Maybe I should watch my weight

I just looked at some recent photos of myself on the digital camera and I look fat. Not just pregnant fat, but my face is fat and my hips and thighs are larger than I’m comfortable with. I told Mark I think I’m fat and he responded, “You are pregnant.”

He asked where I was compared to last time. While I still have a lot of weight to gain compared to last time, when I look back at my records, I see I was at my current weight in week 33 last time (the pounds really piled on in the last 7 weeks – Halloween, Thanksgiving and cold weather probably didn’t help). So I’m two weeks ahead of my last pregnancy’s weight chart.

Part of me thinks there is no reason to deny myself when I’m dealing with lots of other discomforts. But another part says it’s not fun to not feel good about oneself either. Maybe I should listen to the doctor and try to limit my weight gain.

How do you balance taking care of yourself with being nice to yourself during third trimester and in the post-partum months?

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