Thursday, October 14, 2010

Making a dream come true

I think if River had the chance to make a wish, like through something like the Make a Wish Foundation, it’s quite possible that wish would be to ride a school bus. He doesn’t know that places like Disney World or Sesame Street exist. But he does know that school buses exist, and he has never been on one. When he started preschool, he was under the impression that he’d get to go to school on a bus. Sorry, no luck.

So today I had the joy of making arrangements to make his wish come true. His preschool is planning an outing to the pumpkin patch next week. They are going on a day he doesn’t attend, but they offered to add him to field trip days on his day off if we’re interested.

When I initially inquired, they said they didn’t have room on the bus, but we were welcome to attend if I could drive. I said in that case, we’d skip it. I take him to a farm almost weekly. Driving to a farm with me wouldn’t be very special to him – not special enough for me to miss a morning at work. It’s the bus that would be the most exciting part of the excursion.

I asked if perhaps I could take some staff members in my car and they could find room for River on the bus. Suddenly, the director remembered that one child would be gone that day and River could have her spot. So the plans are on. I’ll drive there and meet them (I’m curious to attend in order to meet some of his classmates) and he’ll board, ride and disembark a bus with his classmates and teachers.

Tonight I get to break the news to him that he will be going on a bus next week. And next Thursday, he’ll actually have his dream experience of riding a bus (a minibus, but I don’t think it will matter) with a bunch of kids. I sure hope it’s a bright yellow school bus.

If only it were always this easy to fulfill the dreams of loved ones. Easy or not, it feels great when it can be done.

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