Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Preparing for number two

I admit I’m hostage to my hormones these days. This weekend, I pulled over and handed the keys to Mark because I was about to burst into tears while driving over a disagreement about whether to go first to the apple farm or the office supply store.

Probably part of this hormonal onslaught is a great feeling of sentimentality that River has less than three months left as the only child. I want to spend more time with him, to create memories with him, to enjoy his presence while I can be fully involved in his almost-three-year old mind.

Today I made a list of special things to try to do with him over the next few months – zoos, museums, special events. This weekend it will probably be a family outing on a pirate ship. I’m already thinking about his third birthday, which comes just a few weeks before my due date. It’s the first birthday he’s actively looking forward to, and his last as an only child. So I want him to love it. Any ideas?

I put making his baby book (or book of the first three years) on my task list and asked Mark to put making a video of his first three years on his list. Deadline – before I go into labor.

I think I’m not officially in the third trimester until tomorrow, but I’m certainly feeling and acting like it.

For those with more than one child, what do you wish you’d done before your second was born? Anything you did that really wasn’t worth it?

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