Tuesday, October 5, 2010


For the first time ever, I put up Halloween decorations. River helped me. He was very excited to help inflate the blow-up skeleton ball and to help put Halloween-themed stickers on the doors and window. I don’t think he’s quite sure what Halloween is, but he’s excited about it already and knows it involves carrying a pumpkin that he can ask neighbors to fill with candy.

I never had an interest in putting the work or expense into decorating before. My mom used to do it and I recall her feeling resentful that she had to do it all herself and no one appreciated it. The fun comes from River’s excitement and appreciation. If it makes him happy, if it extends the magic and the enjoyment of various celebrations, then it’s worth it for me to do.

Now that we have some permanence, and some storage space, I can buy decorations at a discount after the holiday and store them in a labeled box. Pull out, decorate, enjoy, and put away. I think this is a sign of becoming a full-fledged mom, or adult, or perhaps conformist. But so far, it’s fun.

When and how do you decorate? Why do you decide to do it?

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