Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful weekend

Highlights of the weekend:

Beautiful golden leaves and sunny fall weather. I was able to walk outside without a jacket. Since it’s likely to be snowing by the time the baby comes, this weather makes my due date seem far away. Yet being able to enjoy the crisp, comfortable weather, the light diffuse with golden leaves, makes the time go faster.

A visit to a farm, where we learned how to harvest field corn, shell it, and grind it. River got to see the farm animals and take a wagon ride with dad.

Lunch in a restaurant with super-cool décor – stained glass windows and a huge lion painting on the wall.

Getting to meet a friend’s 2.5-week old baby.

Taking a walk with River, and going at his leisurely pace. Stopping to collect colored leaves and hang them from the stroller.

Watching Babies with River. He watched it rapt for an hour, before I paused it for dinner, then eagerly watched until the end. It really is a great movie for toddlers, as long as you are OK with your child seeing breastfeeding. It’s an especially good opportunity to watch it with them and talk about what babies go through and memories of what they were like as babies. As a soon-to-be big brother, I think it gave him a good overview of what he’ll see in his sibling’s first year of life. He definitely already understands that I’ll have milk in my breasts that the baby will be drinking.

I made and ordered my first batch of holiday cards.

River taking a FOUR-HOUR nap this afternoon – so long that I had time to nap myself, and get some other things done. When I went in to wake him (yes, I had to rouse him), he lay face down with his diaper pulled down far enough so that his butt cheeks were bare. Cute photo.

Turning the pumpkins decorating our porch into puree and toasted seeds. I have enough puree to freeze several portions. I think the first batch may get turned into these.

What did you do this weekend?

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Cassie said...

That sounds like a really awesome weekend. I'm so impressed that you got River to stand still long enough for a photo. If I'd tried to take that picture of Andrew, it would probably be of him trying to climb the stack of corn or something. :)