Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monster brownies

We were invited to a Halloween party and asked to bring our scariest
dish. I was going to try these but then came across this recipe and changed plans.

They weren’t very tasty, probably because I used a mix and I’m just
not impressed with brownie mixes these days. But they were a lot of
fun to make and they looked good. River had the job of unwrapping all
of the mini Reese’s. I applied the white frosting, then he put on the
chocolate chips as pupils. I had to go out and buy some supplies to
make the hair, but I have big cake decorating plans for River’s
upcoming birthday, so it makes sense to start collecting some basic

At work unwrapping the Reeses

A plateful of eyes

Our monster brownies

If I were to make them again and actually wanted them to taste good,
I’d look for a good brownie recipe. But for fun and a good
impression, they definitely did the job.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Tasty or not, they sure are adorable!!! Their cuteness is only exceeded by River's. :)