Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 33 pregnancy

Waddle. Waddle. Waddle. Slower now. And the pelvic region still hurts, making me feel more like I’m in the process of falling apart than I am strong enough to get through labor.

The top of the bump is tight and sometimes painful, probably pressure against the lungs and ribs. It’s tough to get comfortable these days and breathing is sometimes a challenge.

I’m starting to focus on the end stretch, wrapping up what I can or at least winding down. However, I still haven’t addressed a lot of organizational issues – like registering for hospital admission or figuring out who is going to care for River when I go into labor.

It’s harder to situate River on my lap. I can no longer lean back in the glider, but have to force him to sit upright on my knee. So far he hasn’t complained. If anything, I feel like he is valuing cuddle time and my attention more. Yet I feel some guilt knowing this is probably the first of many little things that will change the form, but not the essence, of our relationship.

River’s attitude toward the baby and my pregnancy has been very solicitous. So far I’m not seeing any signs of jealousy or anxiety, besides perhaps a slight strengthening in his already strong preference for mom. He likes to ask what the baby is doing and shows concern for what it is eating. He’s interested in how the bottles work and the baby clothes I’ve been washing and folding.

My stomach is starting to seriously get in the way of things. I’m feeling like a hippo, or the conveyer of a big construction ball that bangs into anything that’s in the way.

I’m so longing to join River in his 2-4 p.m. naps.

My prenatal massage is still the best thing ever. Prenatal yoga is no longer so fun, especially when I’m the most pregnant person in the class and the teacher is still asking us to do things like roll back and forth on our backs.

I’m starting to have the “could this be labor?” thoughts.

I find it hard to be productive in the evenings. I set goals, but end up wasting my time watching TV, eating and surfing the internet.

I’m now waking up in the night even with a Tylenol p.m. I may up the dose to two.

I’m starting to feel some excitement to meet this baby, some wonder as I realize that she’ll soon recognize the places, landmarks and people that form River’s life as the constants of her own life, and some fear at how large she’ll be and how I’ll get her out.

I’ve just started to occasionally lay my hand on my stomach. Not because I’m particularly sentimental, but because my stomach is sticking so far out that it’s easier to rest my hand there than anywhere else.


Cassie said...

Not much longer now! I'm excited to hear you're having a baby girl. I've been waiting for you to let the gender slip, and you finally did! :)

LazyBones said...

Yes, yes, yes, and UGH! I was afraid I might go into labor this past Monday. I'm just in week 35, so it would be too early, but I couldn't help thinking it would be nice to have it over with. My hips are constantly KILLING me. I guess this is a fair trade for a pregnancy that was incredibly easy for 6.5 months, but I have to remind myself of that frequently b/c all I want to do is complain!