Saturday, November 27, 2010

children searched by TSA and breastmilk becomes more available

I find these videos quite disturbing. It makes me wonder what goes on that is not caught on camera. This is not the type of society I want my children growing up in, where they not only choose between radiation and a strip or grope search, but are subjected to both in front of a parent.

On a more positive note, this article describes how a woman is facilitating the exchange of breastmilk on the common market.

Makes sense. I initially thought it would be great to donate to a milk bank. Then I realized I could hardly produce enough for what my one big eater demanded. I was envious of the people who had freezers stocked with excess milk. During one trip home, my sister-in-law’s sister (one of the copious milk producers) gave River a bag of her frozen milk. It was a little odd, but I didn’t mind. I figured her breastmilk was surely better than formula. If I’d had access to a regular supply of someone else’s breastmilk, I would have used that instead of the bottle or two of formula he received daily from six months or so on.

Now a series of groups on Facebook allows those with excess milk and those who can’t produce enough to make exchanges locally – all in the spirit of giving young children better nutrition. What a fantastic idea. If you are interested, read the article and follow the link to Eats on Feet to find your local group.

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