Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daylight savings was good to me

An extra hour over the weekend, plus Mark taking River out for large
chunks means I got a lot done. Household tasks, organizing, three
social events with friends and even some work. It was great.

When your kid sleeps 11-12 hours to start with, it doesn’t really
matter if he gets up an hour earlier. The first night, there was no
effect. On subsequent nights, he got up at 7 instead of 8. No biggie.

River strongly ties darkness into the concept of night and the need to
sleep. As soon as it starts getting dark, he’ll mention that it will
soon be time to sleep. Since he normally goes to bed at 8 and it’s
been plenty dark by then, we’ve been having an easy time with bedtime.
The darkness coming earlier will only transition him into sleep mode
earlier. No problem there.

I have a hard time getting up when it’s dark and an even harder time
commuting in the dark. I am especially loathe to walk through the
forest along the train tracks in the dark, which is part of my
commute. So if it’s dark, I’ll go to work later rather than brave a
walk in the scary woods. My preferred work schedule is to start and
end on the early side, so more light in the morning makes this easier.

All that to say that with all the parents complaining about the time
change, here is one who has embraced it. I very much appreciate the
extra hour and the change in lighting.

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