Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 31/32 pregnancy

I'm continually in a state of confusion about what week I'm in. I thought it was 32. Maybe it's 31. Is one's due date supposed to be the end of week 40, or the beginning? Anyway, somewhere in the range of 31-32 weeks, here is where I'm at:

The rib kicks have begun. Ouch.

I almost fainted in a meeting with a supervisor today and she ran out
to get me water. Embarrassing.

I’m tired all day, but have a very hard time going to sleep, either for a nap or for the night. I’m taking a Tylenol p.m. on an almost nightly basis.

My nether regions feel like they are falling apart. I suppose it’s the pelvic bones loosening up in preparation for what is to come. But I wonder if it is instead remembered pain, warning me that perhaps I don’t want to go through that again.

On the positive side:

I’m still at only 26 pounds weight gain. I say only because for me, that's not a lot.

I got my bangs trimmed and the hair stylist didn’t notice I was pregnant until I got up to leave and she offered me my jacket. “Are you pregnant?” she asked, looking down at my stomach. When I said yes she replied, “Ohmigod, you are tiny.” It doesn’t feel that way but still, it’s better than being told I’m huge or asking if I’m expecting twins.

Still no stretch marks or linea nigra.

I’ve made it through one of the three holidays on my countdown. Just
Thanksgiving and Christmas to go (perhaps New Years as well?) and then
it will be over.

My weekly pre-natal massage is a lifesaver.

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