Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter confusion

In trying to decide which holidays to celebrate with my child and how to do so, I’m admittedly confused about Easter.

I had no problem crossing Christmas off our holiday list and substituting it with New Years. It’s not religiously significant to me and while the idea of Santa is fun, the excess materialism it has engendered isn’t something I want to support. I want more of a focus on family and good times and a few special gifts rather than a giant pile.

Easter has similar issues. It’s not religiously significant to us. One could argue it’s a waste of money. Mark doesn’t like promoting make believe things. But I used to find it so fun to follow the bunny tracks outside my door to a basket. I loved it.

I called my mom to see if she was sending a basket, the way my grandparents did when I was a child. If the basket came from grandma, who believes in Easter, that would be a good way to continue the holiday, the same way we celebrate Christmas when we are at grandma’s house. But no, she didn’t get around to making him a basket.

Great grandma sent $7. Should I put that toward a couple plastic eggs filled with surprises instead of toward the college fund, where cash gifts usually wind up? Will he appreciate the fun and excitement more than he’ll appreciate the few extra dollars with two decades of compounding?

How do I rationalize the holiday? One day per year when a bunny drops by for the heck of it? For what purpose? Or do I just skip it, and continue to feel nostalgia passing by chocolate eggs, bunnies and jelly beans?

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