Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Really cool toy

Mark thought it was silly when I drove 20 minutes to go pick up a marble toy (Discovery Toys Super Marbleworks) from someone on Freecycle. But now that we’ve finally brought it out, I’m so glad I did. Not only does River love it, not only does it entertain him for long periods of time, but it requires real thought on how things are put together and how things work. I’ve even improved with a day of playing with it. The tower today is much more interesting than the one I built the first day. River quickly grasped onto how it works and was easy to understand what made the wheel turn and how to add additional pieces.

For River, 27 months seems to be the transition point to a more mature way of thinking and acting. At this point, we’re starting to be able to identify his strengths and his not so strong areas.

Mark and I are in agreement that he does not have the mark of an athlete. I will encourage him to be athletic, but we’re not counting on any sports scholarships here. His throw is not bad and he has the stamina to walk a very long way. But while other kids are bouncing all over the place, he still won’t step down a stair without someone’s hands for support.

On the flip side though, we are noticing skills in his ability to notice and remember details, the desire and ability to figure things out and a calm persistence to do so. He is kind, empathetic and interested in other children, and seems to be attracted to music.

So I’m thinking of looking into music lessons when he is three or so, will continue to focus on the languages as an intellectual challenge and skill, and am always happy to find cool toys like this one that add analytical thought to play.

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