Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I took the test this morning and it’s positive. So now I can really acclimate myself to the idea of being pregnant. I haven’t told anyone yet and I suppose Mark should be first. Two women announced pregnancies on a parenting group I belong to (both due about a month before me) and I was tempted to chime in. But I held back.

The announcements came in the form of asking for advice about morning sickness. While I generally feel like crap, I think it’s more allergies and a possible cold than morning sickness. My appetite is fine and I’m not turned off by any foods.

I went back and looked at the records from my first pregnancy. At this stage last time, I’d been experiencing morning sickness for several days. Part of me says yay! Is it possible could be saved that misery this time around? It would certainly make keeping my job easier if I didn’t have that to deal with and to attempt to hide.

But another (masochistic) part of me mourns not having it. It helped keep my weight down. I already weigh a bit more than I’d like. Seeing what I gained last time around in the third trimester, I really need to avoid weight gain in the first trimester.

For now, I’ll remain grateful that I can function and will try to step up the exercise.

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Cassie said...

I've been following along with all these wonderful posts, but I've been a terrible commenter. But I just have to speak up here and say congratulations! Such exciting news. I can't wait to hear all about your pregnancy!