Sunday, April 18, 2010

Early signs

Though it’s only day 26, there are some preliminary positive signs on my chart that indicate perhaps I could be pregnant. My temperature moved up another notch today. It’s not as large of a jump as happened upon implantation last time. But it’s within the 7-10 day after ovulation timeframe.

I could probably take a pregnancy test and perhaps receive confirmation. But I’d rather figure it out myself. I do like asserting the nominal control I have over the knowledge of my body and it makes me feel good to be able to figure out what is happening with no intervention beyond taking my morning temperature.

If it moves up any more, or stays at this higher level until day 32 (the length of my last cycle) that will appear positive. If it remains there to day 40 or so, I’ll be convinced. Last time the symptoms begin precisely on the day of implantation and within a few days of that, the nausea set in for the long haul. Right now I can’t say I feel any symptoms, other than a slight headache, and being a bit tired. But there are plenty of other potential causes for that – including allergies, work stress and a busy weekend.

I find myself happy with the positive indications. Definitely not excited about the process of pregnancy. Definitely bummed about what my poor stomach would have to endure. Not at all looking forward to not being able to sleep on my side. But glad to have something moving forward in my life.

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